Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Mini-Vacation!


TweetShare  For brides interested in pursuing a beach wedding… follow us to the Florida Keys! One of our newest clients has asked us to help plan their wedding in the Florida Keys. We said, yes, of course! If you are looking for an easygoing, informal atmosphere for your wedding, you don’t have to go far! […]

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas!


TweetShare  Wedding Planning can make things seem more complicated and stressful than they really are. And Wedding Planning certainly includes the Rehearsal Dinner. But remember, it doesn’t have to be stressful for you! The Rehearsal Dinner is typically facilitated by your Wedding Planner (hopefully us) and if you can create a small dinner, gathering the people who attended […]

Wedding Wednesday: 2015 Wedding Decor Trends


TweetShare  Some phenomenal Wedding Decor trends arose in the year 2014. While some of them are staying behind, we think a few are here to stay for 2015. Here are the decor trends we think will last: Creative Wedding Aisle Entrances Lighting as Table Centerpieces Funny Signage Incorporating Family Photos Unique Seating Arrangements We provide […]

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Season at Large!

Alyse and Mathew Engagement Photo by Emily

TweetShare  Engagement Season Is About to Go into Overdrive this Valentine’s Day! Wedding Season is in action and the Engagement Season is about to go full force ahead with Valentine’s Day coming up. Being the efficient planners we are, we decided it would be a good idea for us to share some steps for brides-to-be […]

Trendy Tuesday: Modern & Sophisticated Lounge Trends


TweetShare  Planning the decor of your wedding is a lot more work than you would think. It includes, floral arrangements, lighting, trinkets, table settings and seating. Movement and flow are two very important elements to consider when choosing your decor, so that your guests are as comfortable as possible. Table seating aside, you’ll potentially need […]

Wedding Wednesday: Top 10 Wedding Dance Songs

Alyse & Matthew Comiter-EmilyHarris

TweetShareYour wedding day is approaching and you have not selected a first dance song. Don’t panic! Your trusty wedding planner has endless suggestions for you and can customize selections personally for you. Here are some perfect blends we selected for you to consider. Choosing the right song is very important. It gives people a looking […]

Wedding Wednesday: This One’s For The Groom!


TweetShare  We don’t want our handsome grooms to feel left out with all of our bridal posts, so guys, this one’s for you!  Most of the focus is on the brides getting dolled up in every single way imaginable, but the men are only expected to throw on a suit, a bit of hair product […]

Trendy Tuesday: Stylish Wedding Decor


TweetShare  You might remember the blog post we recently made highlighting Alyse & Matthew’s beautiful December 6th wedding that I pulled together as a Day-of Wedding Planner. If not, you can read about it here. Christmas just passed and we know that it is a day that many people choose to propose to their soul […]

Wedding Wednesday: Out With the Veil


TweetShareWearing a traditional wedding veil is no longer the norm! Veils are most distinguished for a bride, but not in the 21st century. Nowadays, brides want to be elegant just as much as they want to be trendy and chic! Here are some trending head pieces that we chose to share with you. We’d love […]

Wedding Wednesday: The Modern Mature Bride


TweetShare  Being that you are a mature bride, you are over forty, have kids of your own, and/or are marrying for the second or third time. You’re older, wiser, and more experienced. You may not care to have the same princess ball gown that most first time brides dream of wearing. While we can certainly […]

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