Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Mini-Vacation!


For brides interested in pursuing a beach wedding… follow us to the Florida Keys! One of our newest clients has asked us to help plan their wedding in the Florida Keys. We said, yes, of course! If you are looking for an easygoing, informal atmosphere for your wedding, you don’t have to go far! Couples have been choosing the Florida Keys for a sun-soaked island-style wedding with no passport required. Here are some more reasons to choose a mini-vacation themed wedding in the Keys:

– It is an Island You Can Drive ToUntitled-1

– Beautiful Weather and Gorgeous, Colorful Sunsets


– Experience- You and your guests can plan for snorkling trips, fishing excursions and more, for the weekend surrounding your wedding date!

download-3If you always dreamed of a tropical wedding complete with sand between your toes and palm trees swaying in the background, look no further than the Florida Keys.

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