Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas!


Wedding Planning can make things seem more complicated and stressful than they really are. And Wedding Planning certainly includes the Rehearsal Dinner. But remember, it doesn’t have to be stressful for you! The Rehearsal Dinner is typically facilitated by your Wedding Planner (hopefully us) and if you can create a small dinner, gathering the people who attended the wedding rehearsal and/or those who traveled from out of town, you’ll end up with a lovely event that’s neither expensive nor stressful. We chose some ideas for you to run with, that would be appropriate and fun for the Spring/Summer seasons approaching.

The Traditional Dinner


edd691d23d7444c0c2b674810be10061BBQ – Rustic Theme



lanterns-at-rehearsal-dinner-590x889 Clam or Lobster Bake


Bake2Wine or Beer Pairing



We provide Rehearsal Dinners in our services, and have wonderful vendors who can help make any of these and more ideas happen! Have EBVD plan your wedding! Email to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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